Mr. Wynn Chalira

Mr. Wynn ChaliraRegistered Pharmacist with the Pharmacy Board, Malawi Current: Managing Director Malawi Pharmacies (2005) Limited; Production and Distribution of Medicines and other medical supplies First Degree: BSc University of Malawi (Chemistry major)
Second Degree: BS Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of British Columbia, Canada
Post Graduate degree: MSc Strathclyde University UK, (Pharmaceutical Analysis)
Former Head of the Central Medical Stores, Malawi to 1996
Former Chief Pharmacist Ministry of Health Malawi 1997
Former Registrar of the Pharmacy Medicines and Poisons Board, Malawi to 2008
Former Board member of the Central Medical Stores Trust to 2014
Consultant for the Pharmaceutical Industry and Medical Supplies management
Recipient of numerous awards particularly in Managing medicines and related supplies