Chairperson Biography

Chairperson Biography

Chairperson of SAGMA from December 2015I am a Pharmacist with a Masters Degree in Drug Regulation and Quality Control. I went on to do a post Masters Diploma in INDUSTRIAL PHARMACY ADVANCED TRAINING PROGRAM comprising - Drug Development and Regulatory Quality Compliance; Drug Manufacturing Process (GMP); Regulatory Documents and Generic Drug Approval Submissions; Drug Discovery.

In terms of my work experience, I have over 30 years' experience in all pharmacy disciplines – manufacture, wholesale and distribution, community pharmacy, hospital, academia and consultancy. The passion for industry has always meant that I remain connected to industry in whichever discipline I was engaged in. Even in academic work I teach industrial pharmacy.

I was the CEO of the Lesotho Pharmaceutical Corporation (LPC) for four years, and the experience gave me the best experience of managing a government owned pharmaceutical company, with serious financial challenges, yet expected to deliver to the nation and for the nation. Building relationships between the company and suppliers, and between the company and its customers became my forte for survival of the company.

Before LPC, I was General Manager for the National Drug Service Organisation and that gave me the experience of negotiating for the country drug tenders, drawing up procurement policies and dealing with international suppliers from round the world.

As service to my country, I drew up the Standard Treatment Guidelines for Lesotho (2004 version), and the LESOPS (Lesotho Standard Operational Procedures for hospitals – the first such SOPS).

I have done many consultancies including being part of the core team for the recent SADC study on "Feasibility study on Regional Manufacturing of Medicines and Health Commodities".

On the professional side, I am currently President, for the second term, of the Pharmaceutical Society of Lesotho (PSL); one of the founding executive members of the Lesotho Health Coalition – a body made up of societies of the medical profession, pharmacists, nurses and medical laboratory scientists.

Being a member of SAGMA Board, I am current Treasurer of FAPMA, the Federation of African Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Associations.

At a personal level, I am a mother of 3 adopted children – two girls Thembinkosi and Sibongile, and one boy Mandlenkosi. I founded a Youth Empowerment Group in the Roma valley, which has adopted a Primary School and assists the children with their school needs. I push boundaries. I not do anything in small measures, and fearless when on a mission.

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Supported by : United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

Supported by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)